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Take your business on the go

Stay connected with customers, prospects, and team members even when you’re away from your desk.

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Take your business on the go

Get the Birdeye app and grow any time, anywhere

Grow on the go

Send review and payment requests in the field, respond to messages instantly, and keep up with your inbox — all in the palm of your hand.

Stay connected

Be there when your customers need you with Instant notifications make sure you never miss another lead, review, or message.

Collaborate better

Keep up with your teams through instant messaging and never miss a critical time-sensitive communication.


Place every conversation at your fingertips

Your unified inbox keeps all conversations at your fingertips. From reviews and messages, to voicemails and beyond, keeping track of every customer touchpoint is a breeze with Birdeye mobile.

Place every conversation at your fingertips

Save time with AI

Respond to reviews and messages using AI in seconds. Effortlessly change the tone of your response, make them shorter or longer, fix spelling and grammatical errors. Get AI-generated summaries of all your reviews and messages to see what matters and act on them on time.

Save time with AI
Team Chat

Stay connected to your teams

Collaborate and share time-sensitive updates   through instant messaging. Together, you can review invoices, approve payment requests, and more — all inside a single chat.

Stay connected to your teams
Review Management

Manage reviews faster

Send review requests to customers in the field and respond to new reviews instantly right from the palm of your hand. With the mobile app, you can even share your reviews on social channels directly from your device.

Manage reviews faster
Personalized Notifications

Get real-time notifications

Customize your app to receive personalized notifications about things that matter most — from a negative review to support tickets, to new messages and payments. 

Get real-time notifications

Settle up on site

Send quick payment requests to your customers through Birdeye mobile app right after the work or business transaction is complete and get paid on time.

Settle up on site
iOS and Android

Download the app for free

Get the Birdeye mobile app for free on Apple store and Google Play and stay connected to your customers around the clock.

Download Android applicationDownload iOS application
Download the app for free

Birdeye outranks the competition

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Birdeye customers get results

Tom O'Neil

Love being able to connect with our customers while away from the computer.

Tom O'Neil
Rogelio Rosales

A great app for people on the go. It's easy to send review requests and send an invoice to your client.

Rogelio Rosales
Jay Berguson

Love Birdeye mobile app. Use it frequently to read and respond to reviews, and manage the unified inbox. Awesome experience!

Jay Berguson

Meet the all-in-one platform to drive customer acquisition and retention

Drive traffic

Put your business at the top of search with a stellar online reputation and local SEO.

Connect & convert

Message customers from anywhere, stand out on social, and collect payments faster.

Raise the bar

Create exceptional experiences that boost brand loyalty and set you apart from the competition.

Products that pair with the Mobile App

Birdeye is the only comprehensive platform for customer experience to offer a range of products that scale with your business.


Chat, text, DM, and manage customer conversations from one inbox.


Generate, monitor, manage, and share reviews across 200+ sites.


Provide an effortless payment experience across text, scan, card readers, your website, and beyond.

Start growing with Birdeye today

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it free or paid?Click to open

With your Birdeye subscription, the mobile App is totally free. We don't impose any additional charges for utilizing the mobile app.

Is it available for ios and android?Click to open

Yes, Birdeye mobile application is available for both iOS and Android.

What features do we have on the mobile app?Click to open

You can send review requests to your customers, respond to your reviews as soon as you receive them and promote them on social media – all from Birdeye mobile app. You can make payments using the mobile application. Additionally, you can converse with your customers and internal team members using the Birdeye mobile app.

Do we really need the Birdeye mobile app? Click to open

Yes, if you want to accomplish things on the go. The mobile app allows you to easily manage certain time-sensitive things that can make a difference. You can respond to a negative review and a critical customer message from wherever you are – without going to your desk or going into the office.

Which devices are supported by the Birdeye mobile app?Click to open

The Birdeye Mobile app is compatible with tablets and smartphones.

What is BirdAI?Click to open

BirdAI is the AI and NLP engine that powers the Birdeye platform and offers local businesses all the AI tools needed to attract, convert, and delight customers. It helps them optimize their customer feedback management, enhance their customer interactions, increase productivity and drive better business outcomes.

Do I have to pay additionally for BirdAI features in Social?Click to open

No, BirdAI is available at no additional cost.

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