Lead Testing


About three-quarters of the nation’s housing stock built before 1978 (64 million homes) contains some lead-based paint. Chips and dust from this paint can create a health hazard. Recent studies indicate that almost one million children have blood-lead levels above safe limits. To protect children from exposure to lead in paint, dust, and soil,

Interior & Exterior Lead Paint and the resulting lead dust and from there into the soil around your home is another hazard you will want tested.

Before you pay someone to test your home for lead, start by purchasing an inexpesive test to do it yourself.

They run less than $30.00 on Amazon. This one here we have used ourselves and highly recommend it.


Complete the test as per the package instructions.

If that test proves to be positive, then you may feel a lot more comfortable hiring a licensed Lead Specialist.

You really shouldn't spend money when the potential outcome might be negative.