Legal Thermal Imaging Inspections


     Like many things in this world, "Thermal Imaging" is a patented idea. Cameras that can perform "Thermal Imaging" are also patented. Recently however, the process of using "Thermal Imaging", in regards to home inspections has also been patented.
     While the thermal technology has been around for a long time, in 2008 a patent was granted as to how to use the technology. HomeSafe Inspection, Inc of Mississippi, was granted that patent. Recently a lawsuit occured between Homesafe Inspection, Inc and another local home inspector in Mississippi for patent infringement. As long as this patent is in effect, home inspectors are illegally using "Thermal Imaging Cameras" to perform home inspections.

     This is where InterNACHI stepped up to the plate. InterNACHI, as the largest association of home inspecters in the world has gone to HomeSafe Inspection, Inc. and purchased a license for it's members to use. This license allows all of InterNACHI's members to legally use Thermal Imaging cameras as a part of their home inspection process. Unless a home inspector has access to this license or their own license deal with HomeSafe Inspection, Inc..., they are performing thermal scans illegally.

     As a member of InterNACHI, "BSREP, LLC. & Complete Home Inspections" retains the right to use thermal cameras for business purposes without fear of lawsuit.

     See the following documents for more complete information.