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Residential Property Inspector


My name is Brad Buker

I am a home inspector with 20+ years in the residential construction business.

For a modest fee of $345.00 I will inspect your home up to 2,500 Sq. Ft. - with an additional $100.00 / 1,000 Sq. Ft.

Along with a complete and thorough inspection I will include an entire list of additional items.




What do I get for my money?

1.) A clean, curteous, experienced & knowledgeable, certified home inspector.

2.) You will have inspectors complete attention all day if you want it.

3.) Applicable discounts. We offer weather specific discounts. If we can't inspect something because of the weather, you get a small return.

4.) You will receive the standard moisture & water intrusion check.
Based on the results we will let you if you should proceed with a more in depth mold inspection.

5.) Gas leak detection - We have gas detection gear that will let us know if any appliances are leaking gas.

6.) You will receive our question and answer service.
Ask us a question anytime you want via our website or email and we will do our best to find you an answer.

7.) Within 24 hours of the inspection you should receive via email a 50+ page report in pdf format including dozens of full color photos.

8.) Inspection will include 1 garage, attached or detached.

9.) A free copy of InterNACHI's award winning home-maintenance book, "Now That You've Had A Home Inspection..."

10.) And a thorough inspection of the following, included, but not limited to, items:

  • Grounds:
    Driveway, Sidewalks, Retaining Walls, Patio, Patio Cover, Decks/Porches, Fences/Gates.
  • Exterior:
    Exterior Stairs, Exterior Walls, Trim, eaves, fascia, soffits, Chimneys, Hose Faucets, Gutters & Downspouts.
  • Foundation:
    Grading, Slab or perimeter foundation, Crawlspace, Ventilation, Floor Construction.
  • Roof:
    Main Roof and any additional roof structures, Vent Caps, Ridge Vents, All Exposed Flashing.
  • Plumbing:
    Main Line, Supply Lines, Waste Lines, Gas Fuel Systems, Water Heaters.
  • Heating/Cooling/Air Distribution System:
    Description, Condition, Venting, Combustion Air, Burners, Distribution, Normal Controls, Air Filters, Heat Pumps or A/C units.
  • Electrical:
    Incoming Service, Main & Sub Panels, Type of Wire Used, Outlets, GFCI outlets, Switches.
  • Interior:
    Doors, Windows, Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Fireplace, Ceiling fans, Smoke Detectors, Attic, Ventilation.
  • Garage:
    Floor, Firewall/ceiling, Ventilation, Entry & Exit Doors, Vehicle Door, Automatic Vehicle Door Opener, Electrical.
  • Kitchen:
    Sinks, Countertops, Cabinets, Lights.
  • Bathrooms:
    Toilets, Sinks, Ventilation, Bathtubs, Showers, Wall Tiles.
  • Available Upon Request During Inspection:
    Quick & Easy, Quality Test of the Tap Water for "pH Balance" & "Total Dissolved Solids"



Complete Thermal Inspection

Additional $150.00

I will use a high end "Thermal Imaging Camera" to check over your entire home for problems regarding the electrical,
plumbing leaks, condensation, door seals, window seals, inefficient windows, lack of insulation, and much more.

Click here for more information on Thermal Imaging Inspections.

****Be aware of companies performing illegal thermal imaging inspections. More details here.****


These are the answers to our most common questions.

  • I will step onto your roof as long as I deem it safe to do so.
  • I will complete a thorough check of your attic as long as there is a proper access.
  • I will complete a thorough check of anything below grade (ground).
  • I will complete a thorough check for moisture in nearly every place of your home.
  • I will complete a thorough check of everything listed above.


Here are several additional reasons to have a complete home inspection...


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$10,000 Honor Guarantee, Backed by InterNACHI



BSREP Makes it easy to sign any and all agreements online as well as making a payment.

This allows us to save time on inspection day. This also makes it easier if you decide you can't make it to the inspection.